Coffee Crawl Across Europe 2015

Coffee Crawl across Europe 2015

Coffee Crawl

Across Europe  15thJune–25thJuly, 2015

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The team at High Trees Estate is under taking a trip of a lifetime, coffee crawl across Europe from the 15th June – 25th July 2015. We will be meeting with coffee suppliers in London and attending some workshops in England and Italy, not to mention all the tastings along the way.

The last order that we will send out will be on the 11th June.  You can still contact us by Email, Facebook and Instagram. Orders will return to normal from the 26th July, 2015.

We would love you to follow us on Facebook & Instagram.  Please place orders before the last shipping date (9th June) to not be disappointed. 

We appreciate your support and thank you from all of us at                                                                                                                                      High Trees Estate Jenni Tony Coco & Talitha