Coffee Pickers from Japan

We have met some lovely new friends from Japan, they are Maria, Hisashi & Ryoichiro.                            They are our coffee pickers for a few weeks.  It has been perfect weather for picking and they are getting a lot of red cherries.

Coffee Harvest Time for 2017

It’s Coffee Harvest Time for 2017, finally.  We have just started to hand pick some of our ripe cherries.  The coffee trees still have quite a lot of green cherry on them due to multiple flowerings last year which makes our harvest spread out from September to late November.  We wont do the mechanical harvest until the last possible moment as we want to let the green cherries ripen as much to red as possible.

TV interview for “Coffee Time in the World”

“Coffee Time in the World” much needed coffee break from all that filming.

We were asked to be a part of a TV show called  “Coffee Time in the World” They are from Rio de Janeiro and they travel all over showing everything coffee, from baristas, to cafes, to roastery’s to farms.  The host is Paula Varejao who was very lovely.  Raphael and the film crew were wonderful.  They were here for about 5 hours on Fathers Day. Great weather and perfect for the drone they brought along to take video footage of our plantation.  We drank loads of coffee :)


Coffee Farm Tour for Papua New Guinea Agriculturalists

Coffee Farm Tour

We had the pleasure of hosting  a coffee farm tour for 25 Papua New Guinea Agriculturalists on Wednesday 28th June, 2017.

We were able to show them around our organic coffee farm, demonstrate roasting some of their own Certified Organic PNG coffee that they had grown themselves and sample some of Mum’s scones, jam and cream, an Aussie favourite :)  In return they were kind enough to share with us how they manage their coffee farms over there, we learnt a lot from their extensive knowledge, it was real blessing to have them visit.

The Australian Government’s Australia Awards for PNG program, identified challenges facing the Papuan farmers  which has funded a six-week agribusiness course developed by the University of New England and RuralBiz Training, for 25 agriculturalists from Papua New Guinea.