Coffee Facts – Australian Grown Organic Coffee Beans

Australian Grown Organic Coffee Beans

At HighTrees Estate Coffee our single focus is on producing the finest of coffees.

To achieve this we:

• attend personally to all aspects of plant and soil management
• do not use pesticides, other harmful chemicals or any process likely to detract from the quality of our product
• select only GM free plants
• choose every item of equipment on the basis of proven capacity to maintain the highest standards in our product
• roast only beans produced on our plantation or in the immediate locality by growers who are
committed to the same standards
• grade all our coffee and roast only the finest beans
• pack our roasted coffee on the plantation
immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness

 Coffee Processing
In the Northern New South Wales the coffee plant flowers in late spring /early summer, covering the branches with small white flowers that resemble jasmine in both appearance and scent. The coffee cherry begins to ripen to a deep red colour between July to November. There are several harvests during this period with only the red cherry being processed after the green and over ripe/black cherry (naturals) have been separated out. Each cherry contains two coffee beans which are obtained by pulping the cherry in a processing machine. The mucilage or “slimey” covering on the bean is then removed either by fermentation in large vats or mechanically under pressure in the processor.The natural cherry which resembles raisins is kept and hulled to later blend with the processed cherry. This gives our coffees greater complexity and a rich full body.

The coffee is then laid out to dry in the sun on beds or placed in a large dryer. Once dry the beans are hulled to remove the paper like parchment they are encased in. They are then graded for size and quality.

The end product is called green bean and this is how coffee is traded around the world.The harvest and processing of coffee on the plantation can been viewed during the season by arrangement.