Organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf

Organic Decaffeinated Coffee


Espresso: For use in Espresso Machines
Plunger: Suitable for Plungers
Whole Bean: Grind your own coffee

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Product Description

This organic decaffeinated coffee is an ideal choice for those who are like organically grown coffee without the effects of caffeine.  We then roast the coffee on our family coffee plantation in the Byron Bay Hinterland, Northern NSW, Australia      RFA - SWP Organic Peru Decaff - (30Kg) - CM-PE-010-01
Origin: This single estate, Rainforest Alliance – Swiss Water Processed Organic Decaf from one of the largest coffee producing countries of the world, Peru. The Swiss water processed method is where the coffee beans are rinsed and washed rather than using artificial compounds and chemicals to decaffeinate the beans.
Tasting Notes:  Soft berry fruit notes and acidity followed by sweet chocolate  and malt. It has a creamy texture and body with a clean finish and suits a light-medium roast.
Optimal Roast:  Suits a light-medium roast.

Additional Information

Weight 0.265 kg
Dimensions 16 x 5 x 23 cm

Fine Grind – Espresso machine, Medium Grind – Plunger, Whole Bean


200gr, 1kg, 75gr