Thanks Jenni,

The beans (Premium Single Estate) arrived late yesterday afternoon and I used them today.

I must say that the flavour profile of these beans is superior with more subtle  and distinguishable flavours compared to several single origin fair trade organic beans I have bought locally in between placing orders with you.

To me it is becoming apparent that because you appear to be in total control from growing , harvesting processing etc  – all these quality control aspects translate into the superiority of the product mentioned above.

My only regret is that I cannot afford to buy them every other week ! 

Regards Marc

‘I have been buying your coffee online for quite a few months now and I just want to say I love it! I have a slight allergy to caffeine but refuse to give up my one coffee a day so the best quality Australian grown organic coffee seemed the way to go. Yours DOES NOT make me shake at all which is wonderful and tastes better than any I’ve had before to boot so how lucky am I?

I just had my first Crazy Donkey.  That is really good.  Smooth and sweet, with a rich, warm aftertaste.  I will add that to my next order.  Well done and thanks. Peter

Well I’ve been drinking your coffee for years now and recommending it to anyone who will listen! I tried it on the recommendation of this tiny organic grocer here in Melbourne and haven’t looked back since. It’s definitely worth more than a few medals in my book :D  Natasha

We’ll I’m not surprised. We are using your coffee now and I must say it is as smooth as velvet with no bitter after taste. Just love it. Another fan who will be purchasing your coffee from now on. I am also going to text a picture of the beautiful creme your coffee provides.

Thanks again. Love the Larkins 

High Trees Estate Espresso Coffee

High Trees Estate Espresso Coffee

We’ve been using High Trees Estate organic coffee for nearly a year now.  We really love this coffee, because it is so smooth with a well-rounded flavour. There’s no nasty burnt or bitter after-taste.  It is rich and full of flavour – yet silky smooth.  You can tell that’s freshly roasted – and it’s grown by aussies who are passionate about quality organic produce.  You can really taste the difference!

 There’s a good reason why our first choice is always High Trees Estate coffee!

I consider myself a bit of a coffee guru (rightly or wrongly)… I’ve done a barista workshop, I’ve got a quality espresso machine and grinder, I’m fussy, I’m Italian, and I’ve had lots of coffee!  So I think that makes me a good judge of good coffee! 

 I came across High Trees Estate coffee, through the Australian Organic organisation.  I’d been into organic coffee for about 7 years – but I was really keen to support Australian coffee growers who had taken the time, money and effort to certify their organic coffee plantation and roasting processes.  I was working my way through the list provided…. And from the very first cup of High Trees Estate coffee, there was no turning back. 

 My family and I instantly fell in love with it!  We enjoy every cup we make. There’s no doubt when we open a bag – the beans are fresh and consistently high quality grade.

Our friends (and the trades who turn up to do the odd handyman job at my place), are amazed at the smooth, rich flavour of the coffee. There’s always a comment along the lines of “That was the best cup of coffee”. 

 So much to enjoy… the aroma of freshly roasted beans, the smooth, well-balanced flavour of the coffee, the honest to goodness taste of organic produce – along with great service from an Australian organic grower!  

I know you will love it too!

I consider myself a dedicated coffee critic. I am a coffee drinker who believes your day doesn’t actually start until you’ve had a good brew.  I also set the bar very high on quality and while I have tried many brands at the high end of the market, for me, nothing comes close to the High Trees range.

Not only are the blends full bodied, the production process is noticeably chemical and pesticide free – Something your palate will notice only too well if you switch back to a mass produced brand after drinking High Trees.

When I’ve had my quota of real caffeine for the day, I indulge in the High Trees Decaf product which is Swiss Water Filtered Extracted. This decaf has such a convincing, full caffeine bodied taste, I often trick my guests into thinking it’s the real thing to prove to them that decaf has come a long way.

The best coffee I have ever tasted.. The coffee is smooth, not bitter and what I like is  I don’t need  to add sugar.

“Best coffee that I’ve ever tasted”

The results are in! We had our professional Barista, Dan Choi do an evaluation on “High Trees” coffee from the plantation from Australia.

Moderate-Bold, smooth and well balanced, light bitterness and satisfying after taste.

On a personal note I could drink this without milk or sugar.  In Starbucks, I load it with both.

A very satisfying drink

Great job guys!